About Us


Clair, Ellie and Caroline are the three women behind Tristarr Publishing, the only publishing company dedicated to helping and supporting people with fibromyalgia.

They are all qualified therapists focussed on finding effective treatments for fibromyalgia, increasing fibromyalgia awareness and improving people’s health and wellbeing naturally.

Clair was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009.

She is now pain free and healthy.

Her journey was the inspiration for their new book:

From Fibromyalgia to Freedom

Clair, Caroline and Ellie take you through their diagnosis process. Find your own fibromyalgia profile, and follow Clair’s story, on her own journey to understand her own route.

Part autobiography – part self help, this original book will inspire you.

Fibromyalgia is often mis-understood. Caroline brings together new research to show you the reasons for your symptoms.

Find out how to navigate Fibromyalgia.

Get the biological explanations.

Find out how our unconscious psychology can affect fibromyalgia pain.

The book covers neurogenic pain, central sensitization, and the affects of inflammation on pain.

Chronic pain can be changed – learn how with this book!

This book will inform and reassure you.

In From Fibromyalgia to Freedom Clair takes you with her on her journey from the beginnings of her symptoms, diagnosis, and then (after many frustrating and painful years) through to how she found the solutions to her pain.

Clair shares her unique perspective as a holistic therapist on this debilitating condition. Together with Ellie and Caroline she offers you a plan to reverse fibromyalgia and regain your life back. The book is full of advice and ideas for you to try.

Caroline provides the research to back up the treatment solutions suggested. In her book Taking Control of Fibromyalgia she takes on each of the key fibromyalgia symptoms and demonstrates the biology, bio-chemistry and psychology to explain how they are created. Fibromyalgia has many myths but this book dispels these and explains the facts.

Focussing on pain and how to change it, Taking Control of Fibromyalgia is unique in explaining the differences between fibromyalgia pain and other chronic pain conditions. Fibromyalgia is definitely not all-in-your-head!

“We wrote From Fibromyalgia to Freedom, and Taking Control of Fibromyalgia, because we want to encourage other sufferers and show them that it is possible to recover.

We found that most information about Fibromyalgia has little actual advice about what to do, or much optimism, and we wanted to change that!”

As a therapist herself Clair already had a wealth of knowledge before being diagnosed. Even so, it took her many years to find the right combination of therapies that were effective for Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can be a puzzle to solve but we can help you find a quicker route out of it again.

Clair’s story shows you how she found a way back from pain to health, and to being able to live her life again.

We aren’t promising overnight cures, but we can show you what works, and guide you through our Fibro-Freedom treatment plan, which is all natural (no drugs) and includes movement, essential nutrition and our new vagal toning acupressure (VTA) system.

The three of us are all health and wellbeing professionals, and we work at our clinic in England, UK.

Clair Starr  is a successful corporate coach, therapist, mother of two, reflexologist, and speaker.

Ellie Coston is a nutritional coach, mother, and a great cook.

Caroline Williams is an acupuncturist, author and counsellor.

Ellie (left), Clair (centre) and Caroline